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    With Tripteo, you will find affordable airport parking in premium hotels, with the option to stay the night. The shuttle to your terminal is courtesy of the hotel.Simply select your airport of departure and trip dates to choose from our special deals, the prices you see are the prices you pay, including all taxes and fees. With Tripteo, there are no hidden fees or charges. Most reservations are prepaid, although some require only a small portion to be prepaid, with the rest due upon check-in.
    You will also have the option to sleep at the hotel. Options are before your flight, after your flight or both. All our offered premium hotel package stays are discounted.If you have a long drive before an early flight, you can stay the night and fly fresh in the morning. Conversely, if your flight returns late at night, you can stay the night and drive rested next morning. Our discounted package deals mean you will save a great deal on everything.
    On the day of your travel, park your car at the location on your receipt or give it to the valet when indicated. If your email confirmation requires a printed copy, make sure you have it with you. If you are staying the night at the hotel, proceed to check-in. Otherwise take the courtesy shuttle to catch your flight.Keep your receipt with you. On your return, call the shuttle number provided to you to get picked up to take your car and be on your way home.

Nashville International Airport Airport Information

Nashville International Airport

The busiest airport in Tennessee serving at least 12 million people in and around the city of Nashville TN, BNA airport is one of the easiest to navigate. Most air travelers like to drive their own car and park their cars in one of the Nashville BNA airport hotels with a shuttle. Tripteo offers the best park, stay and fly deals in the Nashville area, with a reliable shuttle service to and from the airport as well as a flexible cancellation policy that gives customers peace of mind.

How much is parking at Nashville airport?

Long term parking lots at Nashville airport start at $12 per day and can go up to $30 per day for Valet and premium parking spots. However, if you choose to park at an off-airport hotel parking with a free shuttle, such as avid hotel, Radisson BNA or Best Western BNA, then self parking rates start as low as $5 per day. 

How can I save with airport parking? offers great airport hotel and parking packages at highly rated Nashville Airport hotels. A simple airport parking package will only set you back about $4.95 per day while a park-stay-fly package that includes 7 days of parking and a standard room night can cost as low as $130.

When should I opt for the room with parking?

If you have an early flight out of Nashville (BNA) airport and don't like to drive in the middle of the night to get there on time, you can opt for one of our park-stay-fly packages which means you can check-in the night before, park your car at the hotel, have a good night's sleep, get a complimentary breakfast or coffee, board the shuttle and fly fresh in the morning.
Alternatively, if you arrive late at night from your trip and have a long drive home, you can choose to stay the night before picking up your car and driving back. A tired driver (especially after a red-eye flight) is a high risk of accidents. That is why choosing one of our park, stay and fly packages is not only the comfortable option but also the safe one.

Your Guide to Parking at The Nashville Airport

Nashville International Airport serves the military and civilians. It is in the southeast of Nashville, Tennessee. The airport is one of the busiest in the United States, serving over 4.5 million travelers yearly. The original name of the airport is Berry Field, founded in 1937. When a new terminal came up, the airport changed to its present name in the year 1988.
There are four runways in the airport covering an area of 3,900 Acres serving at least 14 airlines. Delta Air Lines Sky Club and the American Admiral Clubs are lounges found at the airport. Also, there are many dining options and retail shops within the BNA airport.
Accessing Nashville Airport is easy. You can use taxis, buses, rental cars, limousines, and shuttles to get to the airport. There are ample parking space choices, e.g., valet, overflow, long term, and short-term.

Parking Lots at Nashville International Airport

Nashville being a busy airport, has ample parking space. Whether you travel to the airport, pick or drop someone or catch a flight, you can get a space to park with ease.
Nashville Airport has seven main parking areas. The parking rates depend on time and lot.
1. Valet Parking
You can easily access the valley parking on the ground floor of Terminal Garage 1. It is a walking distance of the terminals with 24 hours of service. Valet parking offers automated vehicle retrieval on request.
The parking rate is 16 USD a day.
2. Terminal Garage 1
You can walk from this parking to the terminal as it is just across the terminal. Terminal garage 1 has a tire inflation station and EV charging stations.
The area features about 2000 covered parking spaces at a rate of 13 USD daily.
The first twenty minutes is nil and after that, 4USD every twenty minutes. 
3. Terminal Garage 2
Terminal Garage 2 is across the airport with secured 2200 spaces. There is a Park Assist Guidance System in this parking. 
It costs 13 USD a day with nil charge for the first twenty minutes and 4 USD every twenty minutes after.
4. Terminal Lot A
It is the nearest surface parking to the terminal. It’s a walking distance from this parking space to the terminal.
Terminal A charges 10 USD a day for free first twenty minutes.
5. Economy Lot B
Economy Lot B is a bit far from the terminal area. Thus, it avails a shuttle service after every ten minutes from the parking to the terminal.
The parking rate is 12 USD a day. The first twenty minutes are free, and every twenty minutes after that costs 4 USD.
6. Economy Lot C
Economy Lot C is off the airport. A shuttle bus ferries travelers every 10 minutes to facilitate visitors to the terminal are. It charges 12 USD a day, with the first twenty minutes free.
7. Express Park
The BNA Express Park offers a shuttle service to ferry passengers to the terminal as it is a bit far. It is a five-minute drive to the terminal.
Express Parking offers free EV charging. There is a car wash at a small fee, and there is an express-pay option.
This parking charges 12 USD a day.
Cell Phone Waiting Area
Nashville airport has real-time monitors with flight information and two free cell phone waiting areas where drivers can wait for arriving passengers. A driver can confirm the status of a flight. You can also check for flight status on your phone.

Handicap Parking:
There is free parking for the disabled at Nashville airport. Travelers with disabilities can register for the accessible parking program. Once approved, they receive complimentary parking. This type of parking requires you to have a flight departing from this airport. 
The Revenue department verifies the disabled person’s license plate
You can make payment using: MasterCard, American Express, Cash, Discover.
NOTE-Shuttle bus service commences at 3.30 am and terminates service 45 minutes after the last flight.

Hotels Near Nashville International Airport with Parking

Take the stress of looking for a parking spot in the busy airport away. Your priority should be to book a flight. Then book a secure space for your car with Your vehicle is safe from any damage until you return.
There are shuttle services that pick you to and from the parking space of your car. One-Stop parking offers off-airport parking options at designated hotels. Nashville Airport Hotel Parking is affordable, convenient, and secure. The rates are a fraction of what Nashville airport parking charges. A safe space will always be waiting for you.
The booking process is simple. Visit the page. Fill in your trip dates and select the best parking spot available in the market and prepay for your booking at guaranteed prices. Alternatively, in case you want to cancel a booking, there will be no charges. Canceling a reservation is free up to the time of booking. After that, your parking reservation will no longer be refundable.
Bookings with One Stop Parking need no room reservation and shuttle bookings. One-Stop has an arrangement with premium hotels to give customers good service.
On your trip day, drive and park your vehicle at the chosen hotel parking spot. Board a shuttle to the airport, which is free. A shuttle number is available where you can call. At the end of your trip, use the number provided to request a shuttle. The shuttle will drop you where you parked your car and go home.
One-Stop parking provides Nashville Airport Hotel Parking in the following hotels.

Avid Hotel Nashville Airport
The location of Avid Hotel is 40 Rachel Drive Nashville, TN. The hotel is 1.30 miles from the airport.
There is provision for a shuttle that runs from 5 am to 11 pm every 30 minutes. Shuttle services are reliable. You are free to contact the hotel for transportation assistance on 615-645-1925. Always verify your bookings when you check-in and out.
The parking rate is $5.45, which is affordable. The Avid hotel has a self-parking offer, and your reservation entails a complimentary shuttle.

Best Western Plus
On 911 Airport Center Drive, Nashville, TN is the Best Western Plus hotel. It is one mile away from Nashville airport with 24-hour security.
Parking costs $6.95 every day.
Shuttle services commence from 4.30 am to 10 pm. The shuttle is available every 30 minutes. Pick-up request is only within the stated shuttle hours. Call 615-872-0109 to request a pick-up
Passengers should arrive at least two hours before the flight at the airport. Make arrangements to park your car before the two-hour window period.

Comfort Suites BNA
You can get to the Comfort Suites hotel on 2521 Elm Hill Pike, Tennessee. The hotel is one mile from the airport. You are free to cancel a booking before the start up time. Security is available throughout the days. 
The shuttle operates from 4 am to 10 pm at an interval of one hour.
The parking rate is $6.95 each day. 
You can request a pick-up within the stipulated hours only. Please call 615-391-3919 to order.
After booking, you will receive directions instructions to the hotel.

Radisson Hotel BNA
You will find Radisson Hotel at 1112 Airport Drive Nashville. It is approximately a mile away from Nashville airport.
There are shuttle services to and from the hotel the whole day every 30 minutes. When you return from your trip, please make contact on (615) 889-9090
Parking at this hotel costs $7.95 every day.

Quality Suites Nashville Airport
The Quality Suites hotel is at 2615 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville. The hotel is one mile away from the airport.
Shuttle services are available from 4.30 am to 10 am every 15 minutes. For a pick-up request from the airport, please call 615-883-0114
The cost of parking at Quality Suites hotel is $6.95 each day.

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