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Denver International Airport Airport Information

The Denver International Airport is about 25 miles North-East of the city of Denver, which helps explain why most travellers flying out of Denver Airport drive to their airport before flying. While there is a fast public transit system serving the airport, most travellers who prefer driving end up booking a convenient parking spot near the airport.

How much is parking at Denver International Airport?

While parking at the airport can set you back $170 for a 10 day trip. While the airport does have a cheaper parking facility at $6/day, it is located way off the airport 11 miles away. For cheaper, more convenient parking options, offers great airport parking rates just outside of Denver Airport

Is it DIA or DEN?

The Denver International Airport is often abbreviated as DIA although its official airport code is DEN.  

It is a sprawling, 54-sq.-mile facility known for a tent-like roof meant to resemble the snow-capped mountains of the surrounding scenery.

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